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Monday, January 30, 2012

Original 151 appreciation week! (Pokemon, of course!)

Sprite sheet by 'Ghost Crabs' from

For the next seven days I will be sharing my favorite Pokemon from the original 151 set, and I will do my best to explain why I favor them so strongly! Of course for some of them I can't 100% guarantee an explanation other than, "Look how cute they are!" because that's just how I am sometimes.


The appreciation week has wrapped, so for ease of viewing I'll go ahead and list/link each entry here!
7. Beedrill
6. Vulpix
5. Diglett
4. Lapras
3. Venonat
2. Dratini
1. Oddish



To kick things off I will first entertain your eyes and hearts with the following 151 love dedications! I wouldn't mind having a few of these things myself.

::: 151 Pokemon minimalism in the form of Pokeballs.
More work on his deviantArt.

::: Ever wanted the original Pokemon on a shirt? Now is your chance!
You can buy this bad boy over here.

::: I couldn't resist posting this "Bidoof'd" original set. Too hilarious.
See the brilliance on this deviantArt page.

::: Lastly there is this typographic piece featuring the original Pokemon. 
You can download the full file over here!

This should have sufficiently whetted your appetites, so hopefully you'll check back tomorrow and join me as I share the first Pokemon on my list! Are you a fan, too? I'd love to know your favorites!

-MJ the grass-type favorer 


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