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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Link spectacular!

The internet is full of so many wonderful things. I put up a new post here everyday, I tweet interesting links and my thoughts, I tumbl fun pictures and blips. And yet I still come across things that I want to show to you. That I have to show to you! My overwhelming love of sharing sets in and I go, "This is too neat to take the gamble that other people have seen it on their own; they must see it".

To that end, I've been thinking that it would be fun to do a weekly link page wherein I share some of the great things I've found that didn't fit into a tweet, tumbl or blog post.

Sounds good, yes?


::: This Spider-man/Drive mash-up by artist Nick Felvidéki. An unusual pairing, and quite wonderful! He is also selling signed prints of his work.

::: A graphic novel prequel to the story Labyrinth following the tale of how Jareth came to be the Goblin King? Count me in!

::: A multitude of high profile sites, including Reddit and possibly Wikipedia, are joining in on SOPA protesting on January 18th. The pages will be "blacked out" or essentially shutdown, presenting a very real image of what the web will look like should SOPA/PIPA pass.

::: This burst of good news showing that the widespread efforts to stop SOPA/PIPA have caused supporters of the propositions to begin "tiptoeing back". 

::: These obnoxiously great Breaking Bad Valentine's Day cards made by Beth. Be sure to go to her tumblr, they're all fantastic!


::: Mapstalgia, a tumblr that really plucks at my heartstrings for some reason. It's comprised entirely of hand-drawn-from-memory maps of video game levels, and it's all user submitted. I've been considering doing one myself of level 1-1 from Toejam & Earl.

This is a pretty short round-up, and I'll do my best to make sure future weeks don't get ragingly out of control, but for the most part these will probably be longer!


P.S. Don't forget that I posted episode 2 of my vlog yesterday! :D


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