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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A BIT OF GEEK is looking for a new Team Member!

The time has come, the call is being made, open your ears and hear the great horn blow! A Bit of Geek is on a quest for a new Team Member!

A Bit of Geek is in need of a Website Wizard, a Herald of HTML, a Conqueror of CSS or some combination therein. Our Site has been going through some changes over recent months, but these gorilla man-hands just don't fly over a keyboard as they should, so we're hoping you or someone you know might be looking to join our ranks to help us do more than hack and slash our way through other people's archaic code.

We're currently outlining a few expansions that require a smidgen of skill and/or vision so we want to hear from you! If you think you have the talent, know how, and potential to fill this roll please drop us a line at and include the word Alohomora in your subject line. You don't need a full blown resume (although we wont turn you down if you have one), but outline your Web-related experience, links to sites you've helped design/setup/admin, and a little bit about yourself. Need more clarification? Feel free to hit us up with questions in the comments section below, via email, or via the twitter feed!



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