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Monday, January 23, 2012

To be as smart as Sherlock.

Holy moly, are you all watching BBC's Sherlock?! I hadn't heard of it until just a few days ago, and at first I was hesitant to give it a try (no idea why). Within the first few minutes I was absolutely hooked.

Me giving my best Sherlock impression, I'm just so inspired.

'Sherlock' is a modern day reboot of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tales. My grandmother is fond of Sherlock Holmes and of other mystery type novels, and has often encouraged me to read them. I've always harbored a secret worry that the language and writing style would prove disagreeable in my mind, and I would be unable to enjoy the stories.

I had a similar concern when my initial interest in reading Spider-man developed, which is why Ultimate Spider-man is so perfect; a modern day re-telling makes it much more accessible for the changing times and writing styles.

But anyway! 'Sherlock' is so badass. The filming style is gorgeous and quite interesting. I especially enjoy the cuts/transitions between scenes. The feel is very dark and moody, which is appropriate for a premiering episode that centers on a string of suicides, but it still manages to steer away from being overall depressing and constantly serious.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson frolicking about London. [source]

The characters have been very well translated to modern day scenarios, and I am impressed with the deep mysteries in the face of technologies such as cell phones and internet. There were a surprising number of laugh inducing moments, and plenty of serious reveals that conjured up a legitimate visceral response. 

The first ten minutes of the show had me flabbergasted as to how Sherlock knew everything that he did; one of the worst things about a good book/movie/TV show is when there is no way for me to suspend my disbelief. I really only need one hook to go, "Well, I guess that could be real...", and I was afraid that this show would fail to deliver on how Sherlock could be so astonishingly perceptive. I was greatly pleased when the writers incorporated a seamless and entertaining way of "seeing" what Sherlock saw. 

If you have Netflix, then you are in luck because all three of the 90 minute episodes for season one are available for instant watch. Season two is finished as well, but those aren't on Netflix just yet. Just a few days ago a third season was confirmed, but the author doesn't think filming will start until early next year seeing as the two main stars are currently filming Hollywood movies.

Have you watched Sherlock yet?



Oh oh, I'm watching it! I just recently watched the most recent three Sherlock (season 2) and I must say it's EVEN BETTER than the first season.

o_o I might be a little bit in love with this new BBC version.

I love Sherlock so much, it's one of my fave TV shows ever! Can't wait until the third series!

Last night I watched the second episode for season one. It's so amazing! I hope there are more than three seasons overall. I'm thinking I'll have to read the books now, which is definitely a good thing!

Do either of you have any recommendations for more amazing TV shows?

Being in the UK, I've seen both series, and the second season doesn't let up at all, I think you're really going to enjoy it! I also love that it has three 90 minute long episodes per season, instead of trying to desperately cram each storyline into 45 minute-friendly segments.

Roll on Season 3!

I've really been enjoying the 90 minute segments. At first it seemed strange, but for such involving stories it's really the best delivery! You're so lucky to be in the UK and watch it first :P

Nice review of the series.

Check out my review .


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