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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's finally here!

That's right everyone, my super exciting secret project that has been in the works for a month is finally HERE and ready to be unveiled! I wish I could insert a drum roll noise!

Are you excited? Are you ready?

Prepare yourselves!

(I'm sorry I'm just excited)


It's a vlog!! I've decided to take the first steps into the video world (with intense encouragement, help and direction from Andrew). It has been a tough month of patience, recording, editing, procrastinating, frustration from learning new programs, and ultimately lots of satisfaction from seeing the finished product. This is the very first one and already we have tons of ideas for what to do differently or better next time. A lot of it I am happy with though.

So please, sit back and enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think! This is a new venture and I would love to have feedback of all kinds :]

Why does that face have to be the freeze frame? xD

I have my own youtube channel as well where you can subscribe and watch the videos there! Movin' on up in the internet world (even though I am super late to the youtube game...whoops!)



Coooooool!!! What a good idea! I can't wait to see more! Can I make a youtube account and be a fan and reply to your videos with my own? I have something to show you that I got at the store yesterday anyway!

Yes! I would love that! :D

This needs to be sponsored by Nintendo!

Wow! I hadn't put any thought into those games recently and now I feel like I really must own them. Hahaha. Especially that last one 8] Fun, informative, and you're just so darn cute friend. lol! LOVE the intro and the credits had me rolling with laughter. Yay for beard consultations with Josh! And did James really do your makeup? Yay! I'm in the credits too!! Great job and I can't wait to see the next VLOG. You and Andrew make a great creative team. <3

Thanks for the support and comments everyone!! I'd certainly love to be sponsored by Nintendo <3 really I'd be happy just for them to know how much I love them!

After Andrew put the intro together I was so excited I squealed and clapped. I think it's super great :D Sadly James didn't actually do the makeup, but we thought it'd be funny to add!

I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it led me directly to your awesome blog! Great job on the pilot video! I look forward to watching more!

I thank you very much for hopping over and checking out my blog! :) And I am so glad that you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching and reading!

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