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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A stand for your 3DS. Some people are pissed, apparently.

Just a quick note here, because I'm feeling a little agitated myself.

Apparently the project head for the upcoming Kid Icarus Uprising for 3DS announced earlier this week that the game will come bundled with a stand to hold your system. Giant Bomb's article says it's Japan only, while My Nintendo News and AndriaSang don't specify a region.

So why am I agitated? Is it because Nintendo now has another peripheral for their 3DS? Because it comes bundled with a game only? Because, if it is released separately, there's no price point stated? Because a handheld system shouldn't have a stand? No, none of those are it.

If you read the Giant Bomb article and scan through the comments on My Nintendo News and AndriaSang, you'll see a ridiculous amount of hostility toward Nintendo and any potential person who would find value in a stand for their 3DS.

Who hasn't experienced hand cramping while playing?

Why is there so much negativity? The irony of a holding stand for a handheld system doesn't escape me, but that doesn't mean that there's no value. I play my 3DS in a wide variety of places: airplanes, cars, waiting rooms and also at home. Imagine the audacity I must possess to play a handheld game system at a table or counter, while sitting, and allow my brain to think it'd be nice to have the system propped up in front of me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but is it necessary to be so mean about it? Sometimes my hands cramp up and it makes it difficult to play my 3DS (nerdworld problems), that doesn't mean there's something ridiculous about me for wishing for a solution to this "problem". I don't think so, anyway!



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