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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The amazing activity of paper sculpting

Paper art. Paper craft. Paper sculpt. It has many names and, no matter what it's called, it is awesome. It's also something that I'm greatly interested in doing!

Months ago I stumbled across Cameron's work (pretty sure I've mentioned his stuff before, and I know I linked you to him because he's the guy who hosted free advertising in December and made me a great avatar!) and was instantly impressed and awed. He does these fantastic portraits that are so detailed and fun.

My first thought was, "That looks so fun, and I'd like to try that". So I did.

A close-up of the Koopa shell I did for my nephew's birthday card.

The first thing I made was a birthday card for my little nephew. He loves Mario (takes after his auntie :D) so it seemed like a good first try. It was challenging and extremely rewarding and I immediately wanted to make something new.

I've been thinking about character portraits, vignettes and scenes related to gaming and other appropriately nerdy materials. Does that sound interesting to everyone? I'd like to do some really stellar work and then sell limited edition prints. Thoughts?

Paper crafting has been slow and plodding on my end, but also filled with inspiration: Rob Ryan does intricate scenes that blow my mind. So delicate, so detailed. And words! Words are not easy.

The most thrilling discovery was via a friend, and it is Brittney Lee. You want amazing? Paper art? Mixed media? Content that you love? Then go to her. I am in loooove.

Go, and be amazed. (source)

I go to her blog and stare slack jawed at my computer. Her work is gorgeous, and all I want to do is drop every responsibility I have and create art just a quarter as amazing as hers. She adds flare that I never would have dreamed of. So inspiring.

What kind of characters would everyone want to see? I know what I want to make, and I also want to hear from other people! I'm sure that there are great ideas that haven't crossed my mind :D



[Pseudonym] has left a new comment on your post "The amazing activity of paper sculpting":

Solid Snake? :D Or Metal Gear Rex would be amazing!

First things first. Legend of Zelda papercraft. It's in your blood!


After removing the anti SOPA/PIPA page and restoring my blog this comment disappeared from this page! But not to worry, because there it is.

I will definitely be doing something Legend of Zelda! How could I not, right? The Metal Gear Solid vein would pose a real challenge! I'll put it on my list :D

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