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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do we all feel about the Wii U?

The internet has really been buzzing with Wii U news over the past few days. Admittedly, since the announcement at E3 last June, I haven't been following any released news very closely. Most of it seems to be technical specs, which I don't care about, and as far as I have seen there's been very little said about upcoming games.

But! With CES in motion, and the Wii U being spotted there, information is in renewed percolation. I keep reading quotes from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie that the company will be releasing new information through the whole year, not just at large events such as CES and E3.

That's pretty good news, because even though I understand the thrill of a big announcement it's also obnoxious to not get anything else for months on end.

How does everyone feel about the Wii U? I recall feeling pretty jazzed about the prospect of a new Nintendo system (fangirl over here) and all of the amazing new features it would bring. After the initial excitement from the demonstration of the controller I was left wondering what it would actually be like to play games using the giant tablet-like thing.

*Da da da daaa*- wait, what is this?

I know it's not necessarily easy to see past the "gimmick" aspect, but Nintendo always comes through. I know that I really love playing my Wii games and incorporating the motion controls. Shaking fruit from the trees in Animal Crossing with a simple wiimote waggle is intuitive, and (exhausting as it may be) slashing and punching with the wiimote and nunchuck in Skyward Sword is satisfying and feels natural. Well, as natural as I can imagine battling with a sword and shield would be.

The Wii U controller is so bulky though, and the article I read from Wired comments on the weight of the system itself, but not of the controller. Will I have to constantly be holding the controller up? Will it have a kickstand so I can keep playing but maybe rest my arms? How close can I hold it to my face? Does it need to be extended to arms reach? What kind of range will it have? Will it still work accurately if I want to lay propped on pillows and keep playing? How much will it hurt if it slips from my hands and hits me in the face?

Nintendo, I have a lot of questions.



Ya- I want all those questions answered too!

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