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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Under the inn, through the sewer - part 2 of 3

Be sure to read part one first!

When we left off our heroes were in quite the situation. Kobolds and zombies to the front, enemy soldiers behind. And in case you've forgotten, they're in a nearly pitch black sewer with seemingly no means of escape.

It'd be really inopportune to roll a "2" right about now.

After a near-failure of a spot check, the party discovers bars stacked on the nearby wall that look suspiciously like a ladder. Another look around reveals a circular disc far up on the ceiling that, with any luck, would be a manhole cover.

Time is ticking quickly as we take a small moment to deliberate: who should climb the ladder? Unanimously, my strength-ridden barbarian is chosen; after rolling a natural 20, she silently moves toward the rungs. 

Unfortunately, because moving silently didn't make her considerable bulk invisible, the zombies took notice. As they began their disgusting, moaning drudging toward the party, we all rolled for initiative and I began to scramble up the ladder.

"Sure hope I remembered to put ranks into 'climb'!"

As the rest of the party entered battle with the onslaught of zombies and kobolds, my mighty barbarian repeatedly slipped down the latter after a series of embarrassing rolls. The only upside to the situation was that some kobolds appeared at the sound of the enemy soldiers' clattering, and so they were being held up in their own altercation.

When at last I reached the top of the ladder and the manhole cover, I gave it an almighty push but it didn't open. My party members below were backing toward the base of the escape route, a few enemies creeping closer. Two of my fellow adventurers had already begun to climb.

Our mighty sorcerer staved off a complete invasion by casting a line of grease between us and the zombies and kobolds. Our well-aiming ranger turned the grease into a wall of fire with his ever so handy flaming arrows. 

Two rounds of battle later, with everyone else finally climbing up, and I still had been unable to successfully roll high enough to enter freedom. It was with the eventual help of our shady ranger that we were able to make it to fresh air and the world above. 

The Lich King raged in disappointment, his newly raised zombies now without targets. We had finally escaped the horrors of the sewer, and we collapsed in joy and relief. It was time to head to the castle.

In my mind it looks a little like this.

Don't miss part 3 tomorrow, it's quite the shocking ending!



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