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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Horrible Photoshop favorites

Film grain, lens flare and satin/embossed shapes. I was a thing to behold.

My first experiences with Photoshop occurred when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. The computers had copies of good ol' Photoshop 7, and boy did I love to mess around.

I didn't start using the program for photo editing until after high school graduation, so everything I did was pure playing around and exploring the menu options.

With no real structure, instructions or even an artistic direction to go in, I began a serious love affair with some intensely cheesy filters and FXes. My specialty can be seen above, and I assure you that the meme face is exactly how I felt about each creation.

For this post I had to hop into Photoshop and bust out a new piece: any old ones have been lost to old hard drives and computer changes. It's funny how I used to spend hours making those embossed blobs, and what is seen here took me all of fifteen (embarrassing) minutes.

I know I definitely was.

Letter embossing is pretty similar to the blobs up above, but I really wanted to have a second silly image for you all today. The more settings I tweaked with, the more atrocious the letters became. I'm sure that the feature has a practical application somewhere in this world, but I have certainly never found it.

For now, it'll live in infamy like comic sans (in my mind anyway), and whenever I see it I will continue to think, "Why would they do that?!"



i. love. this.

and embossing.

Haha, you want to see what I got into?

I made a set of Photoshop actions that let you generate planets, starfields, galaxies, etc. Some of the effects I used look pretty embarrassing by today's standards, but I was proud back then :)

I see some good lens flare going on there!

That is awesome. Thanks for sharing! XD

I was at least happy with the starfields - random black and white noise, Gaussian blur, then altering the levels, if I remember rightly.

Gaussian blur has found a real use in my life, which is funny considering how I used to use the blur feature for pure Photoshop evil.

I want to see a good application of embossing, dammit!

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