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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Under the inn, through the sewer - part 3 of 3

Hey! Make sure you've read parts one and two!

Welcome everyone to the exciting conclusion of my most recent session of Dungeons and Dragons!

After many tense rounds of trying to escape the sewers, our mighty band of adventurers took a moment to enjoy fresh air, grass and an absence of humanoid monsters. The sun rose merrily over the landscape, sparking flashes of light along the dew dropped green blades.

My barbarian and the ranger secured the now-closed manhole cover, first with fire and then with heavy boxes. By happenstance we popped above ground within the castle courtyard, and we could taste the thrill of a mission accomplished (not to mention a warm bed to sleep in)!

Foreboding hand of the DM.

Our party was greeted by an eager stableboy who was quick to provide room and board along with an assurance that after a days' rest we could meet with the high magician. 

The next morning we entered the great hall of the castle and there stood Owren, the high magician whose favor we were bidding. It was sweet victory to have delivered the temporary party members to safety, away from the enemy soldiers and the hideous vomiting rat people.

Owren greeted us warmly and instantly began negotiation talks with the man Gorathos, the main point of our collective protection. He had valuable information that could help end the war happening in the region of Azo, and Owren required cooperation to bring peace once again.

We stood in the great hall observing the exchange, when suddenly time stood still. Within our frozen bodies we could see that Gorathos was still mobile, and his voiced boomed around the hall. He was with the enemy! The hot sting of betrayal ran through us, and we were powerless to help when Gorathos lashed out at Owren with a magical chain, binding him into place.

His assistant, Ellywick, was also on the side of evil; she set to work conjuring a massive stone gorgon, terrifying to behold with three constantly moving faces. Moments before Gorathos's time ran out, he summoned five obedient zombies. They effectively blocked the path between us and him.

Green die = gorgon. White dice = zombies. Terrifying, trust me.

In that moment we rolled for initiative and the real battle began. We effectively hacked and shot our way through the zombies and to Owren while Ellywick began another spell and Gorathos slashed at Owren. Before too long the path was clear, and my bloodthirsty barbarian went straight for Ellywick and the gorgon.

As arrows flew and our sorcerer shot missiles, my magical flaming great axe took down Ellywick with one hit and rendered her unconscious. The party's collective attention turned to Gorathos and the gorgon.

The paladin and I, full of half-orc ferocity, spared no strength in attacking the gorgon. It retaliated with a wide reaching blow that knocked everyone nearby to the ground. As we struggled to our feet to finish the fight our enigmatic ranger nocked an arrow and, with one smooth breath, sent it soaring into Gorathos. Before the filthy betrayer could register what had happened, a second true arrow struck next to the first, and he was dead.

Once back to our feet, the paladin and I readied our weapons to bring down the stoney beast. We didn't have a chance though, because our handy sorcerer cast three well aimed missiles into the creatures head, exploding it on impact.

Thus the battle was done, the wrong-doers brought to justice and Owren freed from the bonds that held him.

What will happen next in the region of Azo?



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