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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Appreciation number seven - Oddish!

A Pokemon after my own heart. The adorable, jolly Oddish.
Sprite from

Important disclaimer!!: This is entirely my opinion! If I have insulted or forsaken one of your favorite Pokemon then I apologize and invite you to tell me why I shouldn't have overlooked it! :D

I can't help it. Oddish is my favorite. He's too stinkin' cute! That calming blue body (I realize the sprite up there is black, but it's from the original Red and Blue Gameboy games so... no real color!), the perky blades of hair, the constant giant smile! 

My first experience with Oddish was actually through the original Pokemon TV show. It was the Pokemon sanctuary episode where Ash tries to catch the "wild" Oddish and the ferocious Growlithe stops him.

Every Oddish in existence had my heart from that moment on. No matter their faults, and no matter other powerful Grass Pokemon, Oddish will forever be my most beloved and favorite. Once I catch one, it will never leave my party. I even give it an Everstone because I can't stand the thought of it turning into a Gloom.

I realize these are foolish decisions, because I will forever have a technically weak and inferior Pokemon in my party. The real solution is to make lots of money and then buy a bunch of stat boosting candy in Saffron City. That solves all of the problems!

Back when Burger King had Pokemon toys I went everyday for about two weeks so I could get an Oddish. I finally got my Oddish, and ended up with a slew of other Pokemon as well, including a Muk, Dragonite and Shellder. Truly the best thing to ever come out of Burger King.

If I ever get a Pokemon tattoo, you can bet it'd be an Oddish. One year for my birthday a friend gave me a shiny Oddish that she had. Amazing gift.

shiny oddish
My Shiny Oddish. It is green instead of blue!

That concludes this week's 151 Appreciation! So, did I hit any of your favorites? Do you have any deep hatred for my favorites? Pokemon can stir such passionate discussions; I know I get real cranky if anyone insults Oddish xD I hope you all enjoyed this series!



SNORLAX? He's amazing and huge and I aspire to be like him and fall asleep in the middle of pathways so that I can only be woken with a special flute!

Haha he's so annoying though! It was always so difficult to catch him amidst his sleeping and refilling life and not accidentally knocking him out!

Thanks for contributing one of your favorites :D

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