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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Appreciation number two - Vulpix!

A gorgeous multi-tailed fox, ready to defend with Quick Attacks and flames.
Sprite from

Important disclaimer!!: This is entirely my opinion! If I have insulted or forsaken one of your favorite Pokemon then I apologize and invite you to tell me why I shouldn't have overlooked it! :D

Through my original Pokemon adventures I owned a copy of Red, which meant I could only attain a Vulpix via trading. Perhaps that's what made this seemingly plain Pokemon so appealing to me.

I was wont to frequently swap out Pokemon for newer ones that I captured, and only a rare few would stick with me through the entire game. I recall ditching my Vulpix for a Growlithe once in the mansion on Cinnabar Island. I think this was just because the Growlithe was newer.

My time with my Vulpix was enjoyed though! This is definitely a, "It was cute" selection. Well, that combined with my inability to catch one on my own. I know I never managed to evolve one to a Ninetails, and this was because I felt bad "forcing" a Pokemon to evolve via stone. Shouldn't it have its own choice in the matter?

Ninetails was certainly gorgeous though...

We've seen bug and now fire. What will tomorrow bring?


p.s. If you missed yesterday's, then don't fear! check out why I appreciate Beedrill!


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