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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brick Force - FPS and Minecraft love child

Have you seen Brick Force? It's a free to play shooter, but you create all of your own environments like in Minecraft. Upon watching the video I went, "Minecraft plus LEGO plus Counter-Strike equals Brick Force". Sounds interesting, right?

Now you can throw bombs at those pesky other players. 

It certainly looks interesting, and I know that I appreciate the mashing of multiple genres. For one, I really love Minecraft, but I'm terrible at Counter-Strike. Well, I'm terrible at just about any FPS. There was a period of time during late and post-high school where I attended LAN parties, and Counter-Strike wad the game du jour. I spent my time panicking and spraying bullets in wide arcs, hitting no one and eventually being killed with a knife.

But Minecraft! Minecraft is fun and safe for me, and since Brick Force incorporates a Minecraft aspect, I'm thinking it's the sort of shooter that I would be able to handle. The little characters look like LEGO men, which is great. Overall it feels harmless and that is perfect for someone who doesn't fare well in realistic first person shooters (me).

This song is great.

It would be fun to build a map that looks like my house, then I can run around and shoot people in my own home. Seems like good practice for self-defense, right?

Brick Force is set to release spring of this year and is currently in Beta. It's going to be cross platform too, which is an awesome feature. Visit their website to sign up for the Beta!



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