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Friday, January 6, 2012

Mario 64 fan sequel - looks *very* good.

Haven't played in a while? Time to brush off the (digital) controller.

I remember finally receiving my Nintendo 64; it came with a copy of Super Mario 64. Talk about an incredible pack-in title! Even though it lacked a multiplayer component, it was still great for two person situations; my sister and I took turns on the levels and had an amazing time.

It has been a while since I've played, and I know I could use a serious Mario 64 refreshing injection. I don't currently have a television that wouldn't make the graphics look terrible though. What am I to do?

Play THIS:

Over a year in the making, a fan made project that is a
"sequel" to Mario 64. 30 levels. 120 stars.

I really commend fan work. It takes serious dedication to the task at hand. My first thought is often whether or not the the IP holder is going to get upset, and then I begin to sincerely hope that those people (such as Nintendo) can recognize the action for the immense compliment that it is.

Fans love Mario 64 so much that they want more levels? Nintendo is busy creating new, fantastic and innovative games? No problem! Talented folk will gather and put their own game together and pass it out for free. That is a labor of love and devotion.

The youtube link  has instructions in the video description on how to download a copy for yourself. All reviews have been very positive so far. You can bet this is going on my to-play list!



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