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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Official, real and *awesome* Zelda timeline!

Admittedly this is "old" news in that this was revealed about two weeks ago, but this is the first chance I've had to comment on it!

Have you all heard? The official Legend of Zelda timeline has been revealed!

He's never known where in time he's fighting. How confusing.

As part of the continued Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary extravaganza that happened for all of 2011, Nintendo released a beautiful volume titled Hyrule Historia in December. Currently it is a Japanese release only, which leaves myself and many other fans feeling rather sad. I suppose I could always import it, but without knowing the language I'm left with pretty pictures and absolutely zero information.

Fortunately for the internet age, rabid fans are always willing to pitch in their time and provide accurate translations for the rest of us! While the book is chock full of tasty information about the series, by far the most exciting thing (and pretty much the only thing) that I've seen come out of it is the official series timeline!

I have never been a timeline fanatic. My world wide web wanderings have taken me to all manner of chat rooms and boards where people swapped ideas and theories about the order of events in The Legend of Zelda. Many fans posed a "split timeline" theory based off of the events in Ocarina of Time (I apologize if that's somehow a spoiler to anyone that hasn't played OoT yet!) and I found that to be rather interesting. 

My first true wonderings about the timeline occurred when I played Minish Cap and there was no Ganon/Ganondorf. Instead, a villain named Vaati took center stage. His name has cropped up in other titles as well. I remember being confused in Twilight Princess when the main villain was some guy named Zant. How did it all tie together!?

I contented myself to never truly knowing, especially after repeatedly reading that the timeline was Top Secret and locked away in the depths of Nintendo. I often questioned whether or not the games could tie into one another in any logical way; it'd be so easy for Nintendo say say they did but really just be doing whatever they wanted. That's their prerogative. 

But no! Here it is. Feast your eyes, and be amazed!

Found somewhere on the great wide internet.
Translated by Glitterberri.

What do you think? Pretty crazy, right? I get a lot of nice warm fuzzy feelings when I think about the fact that Nintendo did have a plan. They do all tie together. What fun! I can't wait to see how new Zelda games fit into the universe.



I think that they never had a timeline at all, I think they just gave an intern all the Zelda games they ever made and was all like "here, make a timeline out of this!" lol Truthfully I don' count some games as part of the Zelda timeline for various reasons; the ones that jump out at me right now is Oracle of Ages/Seasons mostly because they were made by capcom and don't really follow the Zelda story sorta.

Wait, where's Link: Faces of Evil and Zelda: Wand of Gamelon? ;P

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