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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Appreciation number six - Dratini!

Mysterious, whimsical, perfect little Pokemon.
Sprite from

Important disclaimer!!: This is entirely my opinion! If I have insulted or forsaken one of your favorite Pokemon then I apologize and invite you to tell me why I shouldn't have overlooked it! :D

What can I say about Dratini? It's one of the perfect Pokemon. The first time I saw it appear at the end of my line in the Safari Zone I was hooked (ha!). 

"What is it?!" I asked myself frantically, "Is it a snake?" I wondered. "It's so beautiful. What a perfect water Pokemon." The thoughts chased themselves around and around in my head as I frantically recast my line, fingers crossed that I would catch this marvelous creature before my steps (or Pokeballs) ran out.

At long last the shining, lithe monster was mine. I gazed eagerly at its stats, and was shocked to learn that it wasn't a water Pokemon. No no. It was a Dragon Pokemon. Celebration rose up inside of me, and I felt infinitely more triumphant in my capture.

The move set possessed by Dratini were impressive, and I received a chill every time I saw the word "dragon" in its character description. This was one of the few times where I actually put the move Agility to use, seeing as Dratini was so fast already; it made her nearly impossible to hit.

I definitely, definitely did not want to evolve her. Dragonair is gorgeous, to be sure, so I didn't mind that step so much. She's more refined, regal and fancy, but has lost her youthful charm. It was the Dragonite step that I could never manage to take. That final stage of beastly power was alluring, to be sure, but I couldn't handle the loss of my beautiful blue dragon. 

Tomorrow is the last day! Can you guess what the final Pokemon is? I saved my most favorite for last!



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