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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sundance 2012 is on, and 'Safety Not Guaranteed' sounds great.

This year marks a lot of firsts for me, and one of them is paying attention to the Sundance film festival. Plenty of interesting movies come out of it, and it's high time I followed the excitement.

A preview write-up of 'Safety Not Guaranteed' from the festival has been posted over at slashfilm, and everything about it sounds extremely promising and fun. Allow me to give you a little recap!

Who remembers this?

safety not guaranteed ad

It's a real ad from the newspapers, and it has been circulating the web for a long time. Is it a joke? Did anyone respond? Where is the ad-writer now? 'Safety Not Guaranteed' aims to (fictitiously) answer some of these questions in this "time travel relationship dramedy" - slashfilm. The film is set in Seattle (the in-film ad is changed to Ocean View, Washington), and a few magazine employees have been sent on assignment to talk to the guy who wrote the ad.

"Was it a joke? Or is the guy crazy? Intern Darius Britt (Aubrey Plaza) is sent in to try to uncover the true story. Darius joins Kenneth Calloway's (Mark Duplass) time travel mission and forms a friendship with this seemingly delusional man. With Government-style suited men in hot pursuit, Darius is unsure if she has been implicated in something illegal or if Kenneth is actually telling the truth. And Darius has gotten too close to Kenneth to betray him or know for sure" - slashfilm, Peter Sciretta

Sounds interesting, right? I have been amused for sometime with Aubrey Plaza, having watched her in Parks and Recreation for the last three seasons, and I look forward to seeing her in a new role! Time travel films are a lot of fun, and any film set in Seattle is a hook for me! I wonder if this one was actually filmed in the city? I certainly hope so!

seattle skyline
Seattle is gorgeous. More films should be made there.

Is anyone out there a regular follower of Sundance? It'd be so cool to go next year and get to see such an array of films ahead of time. It would be that much cooler to see them eventually hit the big screens, too.

Although, this reminds me that in 2006 I was privileged to see a pre-release of the film 'The Standard' in my film critique class at WWU. I've always wanted to see it again, and I wonder if it ever managed to make any sort of splash in the industry. Just a little side note!



That film does sound interesting. I was assuming at first it was just some kind of Time Traveller's Wife or Hot Tub Time Machine kind of thing but it appears to be much more intriguing.

Much much more! I haven't seen Hot Tub Time Machine, but I did read Time Traveller's Wife and eh. I'm glad this is something completely different!

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