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Friday, February 3, 2012

Appreciation number four - Lapras!

A beautiful, mammoth, docile beast. Her icy demeanor is no 
reflection of the human loving soul within.
Sprite from

Important disclaimer!!: This is entirely my opinion! If I have insulted or forsaken one of your favorite Pokemon then I apologize and invite you to tell me why I shouldn't have overlooked it! :D

Who doesn't love Lapras?! This is a serious question. The first time I laid eyes on her after that epic battle at Silph Co., it was love. Pure love.

First of all, she's gorgeous. Secondly, she can use Swim! This is especially important since, because of her size, she can keep you dry! So many other Pokemon that can learn Swim would have you drenched in the ocean. But not Lapras. She's nearly 500lbs of floating, dry awesome. (I realize this doesn't have any bearing on the game, but that aspect still always bothered me)

I know that I generally did not use Lapras to her fullest potential. She had the weight and strength on her size, sure, but she wasn't very fast and for that she should have been used as a stat alterer and not so much of a direct HP hitter. Mist is a move that I should have employed far more often. 

Lapras is one of the few original Pokemon that doesn't have an evolved state, and honestly that made me feel that I couldn't bond with her as well. I loved her all the same though! I'm pretty sure she was the only Ice Pokemon that I ever used, and she doesn't even know that many Ice moves on her own.

Part of her allure, aside from her striking blue complex, was that she reminded me of the Loch Ness monster. 

I've never been particularly good at forming strong teams.

We're halfway through the Appreciation! Have I touched on any of your favorites? Who do you think will be up next?



I'll be the first to admit, I don't like Lapras XD I don't know why really, cause like you said she looks a lot like the loch ness monster. I suppose it's just I have always seen her as just a ferry pokemon not any other real use, it's kinda funny too cause water pokemon are my favorite type.

How is that possible?! haha Which water Pokemon did you prefer?

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