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Monday, January 9, 2012

Under the inn, through the sewer - part 1 of 3

Saturday brought a glorious happening to my life, something I've waited months for, wished for, dreamt of and thought would never arrive...

...a session of Dungeons and Dragons, and an opportunity to use my brand new dice!

Awww yeaaaaah.

The plan had been in the works for about two weeks, but it can be fairly difficult to wrangle people together to get a story progressed. It was for this reason that I harbored a small fear that our DnD date would fall through! But it didn't and I was happy.

It had been a few months since we last played, so everyone was a little rusty on the story. Fortunately, our DM is a good one and he had plenty of notes ;) After character tokens were chosen and character sheets were reviewed, our band of six picked up our story.

There we were, in the cellar of a boarded up inn. We were fighting against vomiting humanoid rats in search of missing treasures belonging to the barkeep, when suddenly the newest member of our party informed us that enemy soldiers were hot on our tails.

Into the lair of the rat people we went (they having been eliminated) and, with it being our only way out, we plunged into the pitch black sewers before us.

Ranger, paladin, barbarian, fighter, sorceress and sorcerer. 

I took the front position; my tank barbarian could handle it, but her dark vision came especially in handy. The other half-orc took up the rear incase the enemy broke through our hastily setup barricade.

Things were looking hopeless in the dark, labyrinthine sewer. Not only were we trying to save ourselves, but our two newest party members! The original four of us were on an escort mission to bring the other two to a high magician. Failure was not an option.

Our journey was filled with the perils of not only sewer monsters, but unfortunate instances of slipping and nearly falling on the narrow and slippery walkways into the disgusting, smelly depths below. Many balance checks and reflex saves were made.

When our party first encountered the kobolds (reptile like creatures) in the water, they posed only a minor threat. Two of our party members received attacks, but the fight was soon over and our allies healed. We felt safe for only moments before we heard the clanging of steel behind us, an ominous sound telling us the enemy soldiers were hastening in our direction.

We immediately continued down the sewer before encountering more sounds of battle and a bright blue glow. What should await us but a battle raging between kobolds, zombies and a commanding Lich King? And at a dead end of the sewer, too.

Enemies to the front. Enemies behind.

Come back tomorrow for part two of this exciting adventure!



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