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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Appreciation number three - Diglett!

This innocuous little cutie will unleash some serious damage.
Sprite from

Important disclaimer!!: This is entirely my opinion! If I have insulted or forsaken one of your favorite Pokemon then I apologize and invite you to tell me why I shouldn't have overlooked it! :D

My first encounter with a Diglett was surely met with coos of joy; he's just so adorable! I captured one for myself, pleased to have my first non-hideous ground Pokemon. I would catch Geodude, but he just didn't make me very happy.

Diglett is a great little fighter though. He comes equipped with Magnitude, which immediately made me see that he was more than just a pretty face. Also Dig is one of my favorite moves, and once Diglett learns it he becomes a real powerhouse!

I had reservations the first time the little guy evolved; he wasn't so cute anymore. I quickly saw the advantages related to his strength, however, and no longer mourned the loss of my tiny Diglett. Even though he eventually became a Dugtrio, Diglett is one of the Pokemon that I kept with me until the very end.

"Such subdued variety", you must be thinking to yourself. "Where are the cool Pokemon?!" Just check back in tomorrow!



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