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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I've been a good little dragon slayer this year.

I have to share the amazing set of dice that Andrew gave to me for Christmas!

Full sized. Brushed steel. They are awesome.

So heavy. So gorgeous. Rollin' like a champ.

I spied these beauties at PAX in August and told Andrew that I absolutely had to have them. Fortunately for me, he remembered!

The best possible news here is that we'll be playing DnD the weekend after New Years! Best gift ever.

Everybody will be jealous. Unless of course they buy their own (you're welcome).



Suuuper-stylish! Your IKEA tables don't stand a chance against those. *grins*

I have JUST the comics that apply to this situation:

I'll admit, I'm jealous. Wish I was able to play with you guys. The little bit that we did that one time was quite enjoyable. In fact, I've got my dice around here somewhere. Skype, perhaps?

Oh my gosh those comics are amazing, and probably *exactly* what's going to happen to us when we play next weekend!

Jake you'll have to ask Andrew about that. I'm pretty sure he'll be DMing so that'll be his call :)

Hello Cheryl! Thanks for popping in :) I feel like the photo doesn't do the dice justice. I've been holding them in my hands and admiring them and they're so gorgeous in person!

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