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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Photo Spot 6 - 'La Luna', stars over South Dakota and a Sci-fi 'where's waldo'

The internet has been particularly amazing this week. Did you find anything good? Here's what I decided everyone has to see!

::: Hipster citizens of Hyrule.

::: This gorgeous, stunning, shiver-inducing video by filmmaker Randy Halverson. I guess now I have a reason to visit South Dakota.

::: Ever wanted to see all of your favorite sci-fi characters in one place? Here's your chance. Of course I see nothing from Farscape (correct me if I'm wrong!) which gives me sad face.

Click for full res! Source.

::: I want this watch!

Source, along with instructions.

::: Who is a fan of Breaking Bad?! It's so amazing, so watch it if you haven't already. Either way, enjoy this really awesome enhanced opening sequence by jamesmontalbano.

::: Neaaaaaat!

::: Ever wished you could express your undying love for an individual and the Decepticons at the same time?

::: This short set to show before 'Brave'. Pixar, I love you so much. Look at those stars, they're mesmerizing. And the music! *swoon*

Some good stuff, m i rite?



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