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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Nintendo store in New York City.

nintendo world new york
 Aside from visiting my cousin and eating a street vendor hot dog, this
was my primary goal for having a layover in New York.

The time? Summer 2010. The place? New York City. The reason? A layover en route to Ireland. The goal? Nintendo World.

nintendo world new york

I'm not much for Dragon Quest (just never got into it) but I was still pretty jazzed by this staircase display! The game was either about to come out, or had just launched, so the whole store was decked out.

Aside from huge Dragon Quest displays, the store was full of all manner of Nintendo items in t-shirts, mugs, hats, toys, demos, games, displays, bags, and happy people everywhere reveling in the pure, unadulterated joy that is Nintendo.

nintendo world new york
 Be still, my beating heart.

I was particularly enamored with this display case. There were all types and colors of handhelds, but this one I could have stared at all day. I desperately wanted this Zelda GBA SP, but no matter how many Nintendo Power reward contests I entered, it was never mine. Through this photo is has vicariously become mine, and I will love it forever.

nintendo world new york

This fantastic Mario Galaxy display was hanging from ceiling down to the lower floor via a giant circular hole in the second floor. "Magical" is the only word for it. I wanted to reach out and touch the Lumas and ride Yoshi.

If I worked in this store, I would be vibrating with excitement whenever a new piece of display came in shipment. I also know it would be like Fight Club with the other employees deciding who got what when a new marketing set went into effect.

nintendo world new york
Even the sturdy, cute bag became a souvenir. 

It took all the power within me (and remembering that I had approximately zero extra room in my luggage) to not purchase every single thing in the store. It was literally a dream come true. I managed to keep my wallet as full as possible and walked away with only a baby Lapras plushie and a stunning Link mug.

nintendo world new york
Behold my crazy, excited eyes.

My cousin held onto my items and shipped them to me once I arrived back in the States a few months later. It's amazing I didn't toss all of my other mugs, because this one is simply spectacular.

Dear Nintendo, please open more stores around the country, specifically Seattle and LA. Thank you!



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