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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recreations of iconic characters.

Before I started my Saturday Link Spectacular posts I decided that I wanted to create some sort of header for each Saturday. Just a simple, quick visual cue that all readers are in for a Link filled treat! My first thought was to try a little doodle of Link to my own imagining; I have seen such a huge variety of personal recreations that I figured I could do one for myself.

The color scheme is most indicative of his identity.
Other than that, not so much.

I've never been great at drawing, and I haven't quite mastered the use of a tablet. What you see above is what I created and in my mind it simply wasn't cute enough; it didn't have enough flare. It got me thinking more about what other people do and how talented they are to take a character so easily recognizable and iconic and make it all their own. Like Zac Gorman!

I positively adore his Magical Game Time pieces, and everything else he does for that matter! 

Who couldn't love that ridiculous looking Sonic?

In looking at these pieces I see that the most important things are including what is, exactly, iconic for the character. How often does one see a blue hedgehog? Never, really, unless one is playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Add the white gloves and red shoes and you're ready to rock and roll. But what if I tried to do that? 

I'd rather not.

Olly Moss is another spectacular example.

So kind of him to provide a step by step, so even though
I know how he did it, I still won't be able to do it.

All of his work completely blows me away. He uses more clean, sharp shapes though. A lot of what I've seen of his work is more about texture, patterns and use of color than necessarily manipulating the shape of the character in question. Yet another way to recreate the character!

Penny Arcade is how I am most frequently exposed to creative interpretation. Gabe's drawings definitely have "his" style, and you still always know who the character is. I'm actually not too fond of these Mario Bros. though, funny enough. I DO love his imagining of Link from Skyward Sword:

It is my hope that by paying closer attention to artistic recreations that I'll someday be able to do heartfelt drawings of my favorite characters, too. Whenever I try I end up with a poorly drawing exact recreation of the original, or a nonsensical mess. Honing my drawing skills with my own made-up characters would help, I'm thinking.



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