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Friday, February 10, 2012

Spriggan Mask - amazing art!

Today's post is something positively amazing.

spriggan art skyrim

Andrew, of Drawing with Andrew, whipped up this fantastically detailed sculpture based off of the Spriggans from Skyrim. It was a gift to his (very lucky!) garden loving aunt.
spriggan art skyrim

It is made entirely of Sculpey, and I kick myself for not having any "in progress" photos.

spriggan art skyrim

 He used references from in-game, as well as live models to achieve the final look.

spriggan art skyrim

spriggan art skyrim

The mask is beautifully crafted and looks astonishingly like wood thanks to his sculpting and painting skills.

spriggan art skyrim

It's large enough to almost fit on a human face!

spriggan art skyrimspriggan art skyrim

So of course a photo shoot was in order.

spriggan art skyrimspriggan art skyrim

And there is the master worker himself!

He says he'll be making another one to keep, and I hope he does! I would have had a hard time letting that piece go.



Tell Andrew I said "Way to go on the craftsmanship, sir!". That's something I couldn't do. He's a better man than I.

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