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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazing Spider-man trailer and Skyrim creation kit!

Big exciting news day!! Who has been on the edge of their seat awaiting the release of this Amazing Spider-man trailer?!

Looks awesome, right? July can't come soon enough!

Also, the official website!

I have also popped in to share the news of the Skyrim creation kit! It was released today, and Bethesda added a special bonus in the form of a high res texture pack. Now you can see those Draugrs in even more horrifying clarity!

Everything you need to know about the creation kit is right here. So what are you waiting for?



Aww, that's actually kind of adorable looking. I don't know if I'm suuuuuper excited about it, but it's something I'd love to go see.

I dislike the suit and really dislike some of the set design and for some reason I really hate that kid's face, but I was hooked 30 seconds in anyway. I just hope that they downplay whatever plot hook involving his parents they're clearly hinting at. Parker's parents have never been interesting. Not when they were secret agents who were murdered by the red skull, not when they came back as robots under the Chameleon and Harry Osborn's employ, not when we found out they were Logan's best friends, not when they were Ultimately responsible for the creation of the Hulk, not ever.

Look at this:

NOBODY CARES. (Actually I think that's the book where Spidey fights Venom on a beach and gets symbiote attacked from tendrils extending from Brock's heels underneath the sand. That was pretty cool, actually.)

@alii - I just love Spider-man! I'm definitely excited.

@Joey - Why don't you like the suit? It seems fairly similar to the other Spider-man suits. Or did you dislike those also...? He may be a little strange looking, but they have incorporated his quips, which is great!

I've never known anything about Peter Parker's parents (I really need to read more of the comics) so I find myself being fairly intrigued. Hopefully you're not disappointed, because it seems like a big plot hook IS going to be about his parents!

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