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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book on tape - Redwall!

cassette tape
Clunky, classic and so romantic.

How many of you have ever listened to a book on tape while driving? I did for the first time just a few days ago! I started the return portion of my first interstate drive (alone) and was wondering what I could do to make the whole thing more entertaining. On my way north I listened to music, but it didn't pass the time adequately enough.

I ended up listening to the 1997 edition of Brian Jacques reading his novel Redwall, and it was so awesome. I had it playing via auxiliary cable from my phone, so whenever I received a text message or 'new e-mail' alert the recording would stop, but not pause!, and I'd let out a cry of distress over missing a line of dialogue.

The 18 hour trip ended up positively flying by. I was carried from state to state by the comforting sounds of Brian Jacques reading his enthralling novel of mice warriors. Until this time I had never actually read the book; in elementary school it was read aloud to us, but I recall finding it dull and so I paid it little attention. As a result, everything in the story was new and exciting to me and I found myself caring so deeply about each creature. At the conclusion of a chapter where something sinister or sad happened I would gasp audibly, sometimes even raising a hand to my mouth in true emotion.

A Redwall graphic novel, how exciting!
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Having never listened to a book on tape I was unaware of how engrossing the various voice actors would be. The voices of Cluny the Scourge and Asmodeus Poisonteeth were frightening and shiver inducing. I hated the hissing ring that signaled the presence of Asmodeus, and the deranged screams of Cluny actually gave me goosebumps a few times.

I'm now kicking myself for not having read this book sooner, and on the same token I'm so pleased to have it be the book that christened my book on tape adventures. I will be reading more from the eloquent Brian Jacques, may he rest in peace. Anthropomorphic mice and other woodland creatures is a brilliant way to demonstrate war, allies, and goodness triumphing over evil.



Great book, and a great author! It is very cool that he created this series for children at a school for the blind.

Martin the Warrior! One of my favorite books! I don't remember what happened to my original copy, but Jacki bought me another for either my birthday or Christmas. So, Jacki, if you read this, thank you again. I will have this copy 'til the day I die.

Unless it gets burned in a house fire or something. We'll just hope that never happens!

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