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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doctor Who? Exactly. Doctor Who?

Two days ago I finally started what will surely be the most epic adventure of my life: watching Doctor Who.

Disarming the horrible metal spider thingies with the help of Jade.

One of the roommates' girlfriends (Rachel) is in town and she happens to be a huge fan of the Doctor. Before arriving for her visit she boldly proclaimed that we would spend the week watching Doctor Who, and I was greatly excited.

I've heard such good things from a wide array of individuals and as a result I've been meaning to start the show for quite some time. I was stumped as to where to start but, seeing as Netflix has the most recent iteration up in its entirety, I now have my answer!

We sat down in front of the screen, season one episode one paused and ready to start. I snuggled down into the couch and enveloped myself in a blanket to stay warm and comfortable. The episode started, and I immediately couldn't stop talking. I apologized to Rachel for being a "talker", but I simply couldn't help myself. There was so much going on to exclaim about out loud!

My ear is going to be well trained to rapid, British accents in no time, and soon my brain will find nothing strange about the fantastically cheesy visual effects. I was assured that, for the most part, the effects were intentional as a throw-back to the original show from the '60s. Thank goodness. 

We were able to watch two episodes before it was time to stop and eat dinner and it is safe to say I'm already hooked. Our goal is to get through the whole show by the time she leaves on Monday.

Challenge accepted.



YES, good girl. The first series is a little bit rubbish compared to later series so hopefully you'll just get more into it.

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and it's always lovely to see new people get into it!

I'm sure that I'll only continue to be more and more intrigued by the show!

We need to rock and roll. So many to watch! So little time!

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