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Monday, February 27, 2012

Seaman - the dirty sounding, strangest game of 2000.

Has anyone out there actually played Seaman, the virtual pet game released for the Dreamcast in 2000? I remember the commercials very well and, even though at the time I didn't own a Dreamcast, I wanted to get my hands on that game so badly.

This was odd, because even though I was intrigued I was also semi-repulsed and completely freaked out. 

You understand why now, yes?

I went through a rather intense virtual pet phase from the ages of 10-14, and I even had a relapse phase when I was around seventeen (Toys R Us came out with infrared capable Tamagotchis, was I supposed to just ignore that?!). Wait, everyone here knows what Tamagotchis are, right? ...

Anyway, this virtual pet loving phase is largely responsible (I think) for my displaced interest in Seaman. I was unable to avoid the siren call of a voice interactive game! Sadly (or fortunately) I never saw my wishes come to fulfillment.

Until now (maybe)!

It turns out it's just a rumor (sad face) but there's a chance that Nintendo is rebooting Seaman for the 3DS. Leave it to them to help me make my childhood dreams come true.

I've said before that I think reboots/rereleases/remakes are good ideas; not everyone had a chance to play games the first time around! Maybe they didn't have the console, or they weren't old enough or hell, maybe they weren't even alive yet. Does that mean they should have to miss out on extraordinary (or horrifying) gaming experiences? I think not!

Think of the poor, unattended, screwdriver wielding, video game-less babies.

If I will finally be playing this game, although there's no word on if or when, twelve year old me will at long last know what it's like and be happy... and a little freaked out.

Something deep within my gut tells me this will turn out to be a bad decision.

Who else hopes that reboots aren't simply rumors?! Are there any third party franchises that you'd love to see come to your 3DS?



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