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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Y - The Last Man (read it)

Y as in Why, as in a question. Everything you need to know is baked
right into the title. I didn't realize this before I started reading.

Awesome awesome awesome. Definitely read this one. It is my highest recommendation of what I've read so far!

This had me hooked from literally the first page. It is Christmas Eve and there are presents to be opened and all I want to do is hole up in the corner and keep reading this. Brian K. Vaughan opens with one seriously intense narrative hook, and has (so far) ended each issue with some excellent cliff hangers. 

I'm also really enjoying the art on this one. I like Pia Guerra's style a lot. It's accessible but still involving. I was talking with Andrew and he says that in my early comic book adventures I'm showing a definite preference for "generic comic book art". It's not bad by any means, but it's not hyper stylized like Hellboy (which I acknowledge is quite terrific, it's just so creepy and heavy). 

The heavy, dark style of Hellboy makes it difficult for me to follow the story as well as I'd like, and I find myself getting caught up in trying to "understand" what I'm looking at. In these first few frolics, I'm appreciating minimal distractions so I can engulf myself in the stories. 

Besides, even if the art in Y - The Last Man is "generic", I think it has character and just the right amount of creepy for the story line.

This series has an end to it, which makes me even more excited to keep reading! While many comic books have the appeal of constant stories, I find that occasionally having an end is extremely satisfying. And the best part? Andrew has them all. Yay!

Y - The Last Man has an intriguing "apocalypse" root to it, and I find it interesting that the origin of the story appears to be based in facts regarding the highly lopsided male to female ratio in government/military/corporate power positions. 

Get your hands on this and give it a read. It's almost too dark for my preferences, but the story is so interesting that I can't help myself.



>> ... and all I want to do is hole up in the corner and keep reading this

and I did just that some time ago :) still #1 in my personal rating.

It was very difficult to stop reading it, but I had to in order to continue my project! I'm thrilled to have access to the whole series and I can't wait to read it all :D

Since you're a big fan of it, do you have any comic suggestions for me?

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