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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Definite steps to prevent Skyward Sword glitch!

The Moblins know how to block! Source

Today I found an important update regarding the Skyward Sword glitch that I mentioned last week! According to Zelda Informer, they know exactly what causes the glitch and how to avoid it. Nintendo has addressed the issue and is going to be fixing it for future disc printing, which is good.

The article lists the sequence of events that WILL cause a game breaking glitch. It's hardly a spoiler, so PLEASE read it and protect your save file from crashing!

It sounds like the events are close to the end of the game, and if your file glitches out your only option is to start a new file. I don't even want to think about doing that.

Moving onto happier Skyward Sword news though! I just finished the Skyview Temple and I had a really fun time. So far I am so incredibly pleased with the game. I love the graphics and the character designs. The Kikwis are so cute! The puzzles are a real challenge and I think they're very well done. 

The whole game feels so new and fresh, and yet there's just enough of a hint of familiarity of Zelda games past. Nintendo did such a splendid job!

So far the only issue I'm having is with the motion plus controls. This is the first game I've had that has used it and I am very much treading on unfamiliar territory. The boss fight for the temple had me incredibly frustrated as I jumped around and swung the wiimote wildly in front of my TV. Trying to hit at precise angles is a huge challenge, and my rough attempted hits cause the calibration to get all out of whack. Ugh.

I suppose after all of that it makes the sweet taste of victory even sweeter. I was so relieved for the battle to be over.

How is everyone else doing with their files? Has anyone beaten it yet? I'm going through it fairly slowly and I am enjoying every minute of it!



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