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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometimes I long for simpler technology.

The holiday spirit is in full swing at my house; my Pandora station is always playing Christmas music and I have strung paper chains all over the main rooms. I have a few decorative projects that are waiting to be completed and today I'll be making a bunch of peppermint bark! The holidays fill me with so much cheer!

Over the past few days my fantastic friend Jacki was in town. She's a fan of Christmas decorations too, and gladly joined me in drinking hot cocoa while stringing red and green paper together.

Jacki's a pretty smart lady, so she suggested that we put on The Nightmare Before Christmas to help set the mood. I happily obliged and proceeded to jovially sing, "What's This?!" in unison with her.

Best part of the movie. [Source]

While standing in the living room watching, I took notice of the video quality. It just looked so... not sharp. We were watching a DVD on a PS3 with a hi-def cable connection. (Something else to know is that the "tv" is a projection onto a seventeen foot screen. So, the picture is just a tiny bit huge) I pondered for a moment, then commented on the fact that Andrew makes sure everything we watch is HD.

It occurred to me that I wasn't sure when I had last watched something not in HD, and I shared these thoughts with Jacki. I have been positively spoiled by technology! There I was, watching a movie that I loved and instead of simply enjoying it I was focusing on how terrible the video quality was!

I then wondered how terrible the video quality would be if we hooked up a VHS player and watched a tape. I don't even have any tapes. Such a strange notion seeing as I grew up surrounded by every Disney tape that was available.

Thinking about video tapes got me thinking about older consoles, and I remembered that I wouldn't be able to play Duck Hunt on a projection screen. I felt sad for a moment, and thought about the fact that Duck Hunt doesn't even work on some newer TVs.

I don't want to lose my beloved, outdated video games! I have two NES zappers!

Note this silly photo of me taken seven years ago.

It would be a dream come true if someday I had a room full of televisions, each with one of my consoles hooked up. The room would be decorated to the nines in video game paraphernalia, comfy chairs everywhere, and myself and my guests could kick back and play games in their original presentation.

Wouldn't that be lovely? 



I have recently been looking into various hardware solutions that post-process a signal coming from a console but before getting to the TV. Purpose: to make games intended for SD/Tube monitors look good again on HD. Rectangular pixels + blurring + the pixel grid all did a lot to hide/mask and otherwise make old stuff prettier.

The only thing I can't fix is that old school light guns just simply don't work with flat screens or projectors. >_<

That duel wield zapper pic is totally srs bizniz.

It breaks my heart to not be able to play with my Zappers. I WILL have my room full of old TVs some day!

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