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Monday, December 12, 2011

Skyrim beat Skyward Sword and I'm not surprised.

Apparently the VGAs were were a few days ago. All of my TV watching happens after the fact via Hulu or something similar, so I've been reading recaps for what happened and watching a few videos. I don't feel that I missed very much; it doesn't sound like a lot of people are particularly happy with how the award show goes anyway. I don't believe that I've ever watched them before, but I sure would have liked to see Felicia Day on the stage! She's so great! She also looked super wonderful in her fancy dress.

My only real curiosity rested in how well Skyward Sword was going to fare! It didn't walk away with the Game of the Year award, but I'm not particularly surprised. Zelda is my favorite, the gaming love of my life. But I knew it wouldn't stand a chance against Skyrim (which did win, by the way). I've been playing both for the past few weeks and they are worlds apart. Skyward Sword did win Best Motion Game though!

I'm glad they included some log training, because the specific
angles take some serious getting used to! [Source]

While Skyward Sword has many amazing qualities and features (and I am enjoying it immensely) it is not the immersive, expansive, ever-unfolding experience that Skyrim presents to the player. I expect Game of the Year to go to a more mature title. And let me be clear that when I say mature, I do not mean violent. The Game of the Year has to be all encompassing. Skyward Sword is a highly accessible game for all ages, and while Skyrim is a mature rated title, it still has so much to offer to an incredibly wide range of gamers.

I feel myself becoming fearful of typing with complete honesty, so I'm just going to plunge on in.

I truly believe that Skyrim is the better game. I wish I could fully put my finger on why. They both have something to offer everyone, but they're simply in different classes!

As much as I love Zelda, the games have never presented me with
something quite this epic, awesome and challenging. Dragons rock..

Something tells me I'm going to begin talking myself in circles before too long, so I'm going to stop right now. I love Skyward Sword and you should all play it. I also love Skyrim and you should all play it! Congratulations to The Legend of Zelda for being inducted into the VGA Hall of Fame, and for Skyrim winning Game of the Year!

Miyamoto's grin is so superb! [Source]

The general opinion of award shows does little to sway how I feel about games or movies that are close to my heart anyway. In whatever surreal universe out there that would have any Zelda game at the bottom of the gaming list and everyone else hated it, that wouldn't affect how I feel. It's a lovely place to be. My sister and I really enjoy the movie The Pest, and it is one of the lowest rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes.

I am aware that it's nothing spectacular, but I still absolutely enjoy it and it makes me laugh everytime. My enjoyment is what matters!



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