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Friday, December 2, 2011

Super exciting news!

I am gleeful to finally reveal another of my exciting and secret projects: a new blog design! *confetti*

This endeavor was started literally months ago and I've been dragging my feet and over-complicating it. A few things have happened that finally gave me the kick to finish it (one of those things being Andrew's help. hehe)

With the successful launch of my vlog, my transition to daily posting AND having an advertising spot on another blog, I started to really feel the pressure to give my internet corner a makeover.

So, last night Andrew and I sat down and put this all together and I added a few finishing touches this morning. What does everyone think? :D I'm really happy with it. I searched for a long time before I found a layout that I liked, and I know I'll continue to make small tweaks in the near future.

Here's the button he made for me. Isn't is great?!

Please be sure to visit Cameron+Whitney's blog! He's the kind soul who offered free advertising for the month of December. I am pumped at the thought of more visitors and really honored to be on his blog! I love his paper sculpts, they're amazing!

Be sure to read my post about SOPA/Protect-IP. It's very important!



Awesome job on the new design, it looks great. And thanks for the mention!

Thanks! I'm really happy with it so far :) Also I am totally glad to mention your blog. I love your work!

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