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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just like Spider-man, but with fewer sticky substances.

The art is really not doing it for me, which is a shame because I find the story to be intriguing.

High schooler with newfound super powers + alien heritage = Invincible (or, spider-man + superman = invincible). This totally isn't a bad thing. I appreciate the mash up! However, I don't care for the art style or the dialogue. The faces are so... awkward. I was dragging my proverbial feet while reading because I kept stopping to harshly inspect the faces to try and determine what it was about them that I so heavily disliked.

Perhaps it's the placement of lines? I feel that there are unnecessary (and unnatural) features added to the illustrations. It's distracting. 

The artist is Cory Walker, and he has a blog! I took a glance through it and saw some sketches. I feel badly saying I dislike the art so much, so I want to spend time with his work and see if I find something I like.

I want to like Invincible; it's a setting that I enjoy reading about and I think it could go fun places. But with my opinion being that the dialogue is poor on top of not really caring for the art, I don't know that I'll be reading much more of this.

Does anyone particularly enjoy this comic? I put faith in the opinions of my friends, and especially friends that are also comic book readers! If someone out there has some good things to say about Invincible, and has some compelling reasons for why I should give it another try, then I'd like to hear them. (pretty please?!)

It's so wonderful that Andrew selected a wide variety of comics for me to read. The three that I've been reading so far have been wildly different from one another. I'm so curious to know what the next two will be about!



That's a bummer that Cory Walker's art was a little too distracting....I am quite a fan of his work, but I agree with you in the sense that his published work like in Invincible or the Destroyer is really not all that great compared to his sketch-work and character designs/re-imaginings, which is basically all that he posts on his blog. It might be because his style is very angular to begin with, so once color and shading are added, it just puts it over the top....I don't know.

Anyways if you haven't already, I suggest going through his blog and checking out his Supergirl redesigns that he's constantly doing, they're very clean and minimalist and look a million times better than anything the shitty DC reboot has produced.

I took a peek at his blog and saw more things that I liked, which was nice. Comic book art is so new to me that I think it's easy for "Different" to be translated as "bad" in my mind. So far this has been a really fun exercise :)

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