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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The New Avengers

The return of Spider-man in my life, what a hunk of man <3

Talk about an intense and awesome comic book injection! 

Andrew was certain I'd enjoy this one since it is most similar to Ultimate Spider-man (and has Spider-man in it!). He was right all five times for my exciting comic book excursion; aside from Hellboy being a little creepy for me, I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them!

I've said this about each comic so far, but I'm pretty sure that Avengers is the one I'll be reading "first". It's so much like Ultimate Spider-man and that makes me really happy! It feels safe and familiar because of how closely related it is to my prior comic book experiences. I was happy to see Brian Michael Bendis' name on the cover because, again, it's something I recognized.

The art is great. It's so sharp, rich and detailed. Currently the faces are weird... I don't know how much I like them, but everything else is top notch in my eyes. The story is, of course, entrapping and exciting.

The dialogue combined with facial expressions/body language illustrate the character personalities so well that even someone unfamiliar with their backgrounds, such as myself, can "know" them right away and understand their MOs. I'm certainly appreciating being able to dive into the story without reading multiple backlogs of comic books. That would be rather off-putting.

It's really fun to see super heroes that I've heard about from friends or seen in movie iterations appear on the pages so I can get exposure to their personalities; it's a taste test of all the big hitters and from there I can decide if I want to delve into their universes on my own.

So! This wraps up my week of comic books! I had a lot of fun and, considering how many comic series there are in the world, it's safe to bet that I'll be doing this again soon. Before that happens though I'd like to get cracking on the five that I was introduced to during this first run-around.

Any suggestions for what I should read next? I know Andrew will have a bunch more, but I'm also interested in hearing what other people prefer/are reading :D



Oh, man, I really want to read 'Y', now. It sounds amaaazing. Other comics, though, that you should read are 'Sandman', 'Transmetropolitan' and 'Freakangels' ( Freakangels is actually online, it was dual published as a webcomic and in compilations, and it's wonderful.

I'm also a fan of most of the older Deadpool stuff, but I haven't the foggiest where to start with that one.

I totally agree that Transmetropolitan could be a fun excursion, but Sandman can be a little nasty. I enjoyed the stories, but if the art of Hellboy sets too dark a tone for MJ then I think perhaps Sandman will be an even deeper step into the rabbit hole. Then again... maybe she needs that full submersion, maybe the introductory darkness is what's off putting to her. If Sandman can really commit her to an acid trip of evil then... yeah... Good thing I have the first trade! I'll throw it her way and we'll see how she handles it!

What do you think of the new-ish snarky Deadpool? I've been told I'd enjoy it's dark humor.

I'm considering throwing her into Fear Agent, anyone have an opinion on that?

I never could get into Sandman. Dark dark dark, and it lacks any color in the art to even it out like say Invincible does. I'd try Preacher first and see if you're into that. It has a similar look and feel in places, but for me at least was much easier to get into and stick with.

Dunno which new Deadpool run you're talking about, but Merc With a Mouth was entertaining if not fantastic. It's also pretty sexist in quite a few parts in that "white middle class male comic nerd tries to write female characters apparently for no other reason than fan service" way, but that's pretty standard in a lot of the big tits, big muscles, big guns superhero comic industry.

Fear Agent 100% yes. It's fantastic and she'd like it, assuredly.

Have you guys read any Ultimate Spidey since his death? The funeral left me wrecked and manic and out of it for probably longer than it should have. Is it worth picking back up?

I'm sure it's old hat for you both at this point, but I really enjoyed both Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass if you for some reason haven't read them already. Way way way better than their movie adaptations in both cases.

Also, it's not in comic form, but the Britland super hero show Misfits on Hulu has me kept me occupied the last few days and is good television:
I think all y'all'd like it.

So many amazing suggestions, thank you everyone!

I feel hesitant about anything scary! Although also very curious. Andrew may throw me into Sandman, so we'll see. Sounds like Fear Agent will be atop my list though.

Joey I haven't read Ultimate Spider-man recently, although not for a lack of wanting to! I am so upset about him dying that I almost don't want to start back up again.

I enjoyed the movies for Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass, so I am certainly interested in the comics.

Read Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass. Both have aspects to their stories that are perversions of the comic medium, and I think that both are stories that really need to be told in that medium to really resonate properly. Plus both films went into production before the release of their comic endings, both of which are wildly different (and in my opinion at least, more satisfying).

Scott Pilgrim the film, for example, ends with Scott making friends with the part of him that is a self-absorbed whiny man child who thinks only about himself. The film ends with his experiencing very little personal growth and all of the conflict in the plot is essentially blamed on Ramona. The comic is nice because it bothers to point out that 1.) Ramona is an actual human being with her own past and realistic internal and external struggles and 2.) Scott shouldn't be treating everyone in his life like total shit. (Seriously think about how he treats Knives in the film and what, if anything, you he is supposed to have learned from it? Repeat for every other character he interacts with.) Anyway I liked the movie, but the comic is a much more complete, memorable, and personal work by the author. You'll like it a lot for a lot of reasons that the movie never even attempts to touch upon, I think.

Kick-Ass's comic ending I can't mention because there's a few good twists that are completely absent from the movie and I don't want to ruin them.

Oh. Plus Scott Pilgrim's Bryan Lee O'Malley is friends with ScaryGoRound's John Allison (who I have an unfathomably strong indie man crush on), and one of the trades has some guest artwork by him in the back. Might not be for you, but for me that alone made it worth checking out.

I've never consistently read ScaryGoRound, but I do enjoy it when I get around to it!

The comic version of Scott Pilgrim certainly sounds a lot better than the movie (go figure). I'll be sure to find a way to get my hands on it!

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