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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Someday I'll watch Star Trek, and it'll be pretty cool.

I was pleased to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch, our delightfully moody Sherlock Holmes, will be the bad guy in the upcoming Star Trek sequel. I really enjoyed the first Star Trek; Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine projected great screen chemistry, and the camera seriously loves Cumberbatch.

These photos have been released and I am just tickled.

Look at that emotion, those stances. Such energy!

Of course, after being jazzed about the film and loving it, I feel guilt over the fact that I haven't watched The Original Series before! I'll go ahead and feel some shame as a minor action. Moving on! I've seen two full episodes, and both were so incredibly strange.

The first one was some... weird... aliens and something about mating? and Captain Kirk was on all fours acting oddly? and... lizard type creatures were on couches while watching...? OK, maybe I didn't watch that entire episode seeing as I was totally skeezed out, but I remembered that much of it. The second episode was at someone else's house and... I'm sorry to say that I don't remember anything about it. [insert some more shame here]

The original Star Trek is on my list, and rather high up as well. In this instance, Netflix instant streaming is just about the sweetest thing ever. While I tip-tap away at my keyboard, zig zag thread on my sewing machine, or slice up paper for my creations I can simultaneously educate myself on the classics.

The best kind of education.

Are all of the Star Trek series worth watching? I remember when I was younger one of the series would come on after shows that I liked to watch. I would always change the channel because for some reason the show just seemed so boring. I lacked any form of Star Trek mentor until I was much older, and then I had a same-age friend who had found her way into loving the show somehow. 

I'm not sure when I'll start watching Star Trek (seeing as I have a lot of Doctor Who to watch first) but don't worry, I'll let everyone know as soon as I do.



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