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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Link Spectacular 10 - Gandalf protects the little guys.

::: A collection of cosplay photos from WonderCon.

::: Now the Amazon rainforest is accessible to all of us! Thank you Google street view!

::: Skyrim MMO may be a real thing; could be announced at E3.

::: Plug your power strip into itself and never run out of electricity again. Oh internet, don't ever change.

::: Gandalf thinks that petty lawsuits are petty.

::: Watch jump ropers from the view of the rope; really fun video.

::: The Space Needle is sporting a new adornment to commemorate the newest Angry Birds game.

::: Now you, too, can always find Waldo.

::: After all the outrage from fans, Bioware is actually working on new ending content for Mass Effect 3.

::: Starting April 2nd, GameStop will no longer be taking Gamecube related trade ins. End of an era, right there.

::: A great article on Katniss Everdeen as a powerful role model for young women, as well as a potential change in the way female leads can be portrayed on the big screen.

::: Louis CK's $5 self distribution success has sparked movement in other comedians.

Found lots of good stuff this week!



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