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Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's a great year for movies, and Wondercon has all the previews!

I'm feeling incredibly jazzed right now because tomorrow I'm going to Wondercon! I'll be attending all three days, and this is my first time going.

Creative professionals?! That's me!

First Gallifrey One and now Wondercon! This year is really shaping up to be fantastic for conventions!

I had never heard of Wondercon before, but after looking at the schedule I found at least seven panels a day that I'm incredibly psyched to attend! Aside from insider information on writing, breaking into the industry and general interesting information, every day has movie previews for some of the year's biggest hits!

If my years at PAX have taught me anything, then I know I'll spend a lot of time standing in lines and first come first serve is vicious at a highly anticipated panel. It'd be wonderful if I saw everything I wanted to, but that may not happen.

Here are the movie previews I'm excited for!

-The Hobbit!!
-Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
-Snow White and the Huntsmen

So pumped to visit The Shire again.

I'm pretty sure there's a preview for The Hobbit and it's not just insider information (which would still be cool). Hopefully I'll have an answer for you next week! There's also a whole panel segment dedicated to showing trailers for even more films, and I don't know what to expect from that!

There are panels on Spider-man and writing and creativity and just... ugh, I'm so excited!

I'm so fortunate that Wondercon is being held in Anaheim this year! Normally it's in San Francisco, but that convention center is being renovated. I'll be able to drive myself to and fro each day, which will save me a lot of money. The three day badge is only forty dollars. What a deal!

Is anyone else going? Would you like to meet up? Do you have a con schedule?! Here's mine!

Has anyone gone before? Do you have any advice for me? The Doctor Who convention was a lot different from PAX, so I can't even guess what Wondercon will be like!



You realize Prometheus is going to be scary/tense, right? Have you seen the original Alien movie? Classic! And probably one of my favorite movies. Somewhere behind Shawshank Redemption. ;)

I didn't realize Alien was one of your favorites! I have seen it, but only recently. I realize that Prometheus is going to be scary. Seeing the full trailer in 3D in the panel today was... quite intense. I'm nervous for the full film!

As you should be. It's going to be awesome!!

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