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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No replacement for old fashioned exercise.

Is anyone particularly surprised to hear that research shows Wii Fit doesn't actually provide adequate exercise? I know I'm not. Who out there has played Wii Fit? I have and, while it was fun and moderately entertaining, I certainly didn't feel... exercised.

It's admirable that game and hardware developers want to attempt to maintain their audiences and also try to keep the masses healthy and active. But really, which game aside from Dance Dance Revolution on Heavy can provide any real physical activity? Enough to get the heart pumping long enough to start burning calories, anyway. None that I'm aware of, although admittedly I haven't been looking.

DDR Mario Mix for the Gamecube was awesome, but didn't get too intensive.

I enjoy a bike ride or some jump rope. Call me old fashioned. Plus, I believe that my game time is for gaming. I know from playing Wii motion plus games that all of the swinging can become tiring and intrusive to the experience.

Could it be that Microsoft and Nintendo are actually trying to deter people from playing games? Are they rallying passively aggressively to make the gamers a healthier breed? Do they care more about health and well-being than they do about the bottom line?



They're trying to be responsible, I believe that much, but they really can't do enough. In order to make a difference they'd have to campaign for not gaming, or put funding into sponsoring physical events. I dunno, I'm not a marketing person.

I continue to be bothered by the Kinect and the Wii talking about how they'll help people lose weight. I know that it has worked for some, but results do vary. If motion gaming has helped you to lose weight then that's awesome, and I am genuinely glad to hear it!

I am clearly rambling now. My point is that no one should be shocked to hear that, in general, children aren't losing weight from playing Wii Fit. In order to lose weight, real exercise is needed. Oh, and proper eating. Cheers!



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