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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Developers in the dark - the importance of secrets.

The future brings constant connectivity and access. Answers are around every corner, even the gross dark ones. We're never more than a fingertip away from digging up dirt and cackling in the face of discovering private information, especially in the gaming sector. I'm not a developer, yet I can feel that stab of frustration and annoyance as they struggle to keep a secret and announce something that will actually surprise the masses.

Ken Levine, the team head for Bioshock Infinite, has revealed that he keeps his development team in the dark with respect to the game's story; there are whole chunks that they simply don't know.

It's really best that they don't.

I completely respect this mind set. I am currently hard pressed to think of a major company announcement in the last five years that was actually a surprise to its intended audience.

Do you know of one? Do tell!

How often do I see a news site with a cellphone snapshot courtesy of a GameStop or Best Buy employee? The most recent news leak circulated around Assassin's Creed III; in January, promotional posters for display (that gave previously unreleased information regarding the game's setting) were photographed and put online, and Ubisoft didn't make any official announcements regarding the game until this month.

The companies work so hard to create new things and bring exciting plates to the table, so to have that thunder stolen from them must... just really suck.

Imagine that really rude person you knew from school, and your entire graduating class is staging a potluck reunion. You have a prize winning macaroni salad that you've been secretly planning on bringing, and that little shit finds out, steals your recipe, makes the food and then gets to the party before you. What a bitch.

"So it wasn't a dream that you broke into my house last week."

OK, maybe that's not exactly the same thing, but I know I'd certainly feel angry and indignant. Thunder has been stolen.

Who out there is anxious for Bioshock Infinite? I'd probably give it a try if someone lent it to me but I don't think I'll buy it. The first Bioshock was too creepy for me.



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