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Monday, March 19, 2012

A return to Skyloft! It has been too long.

Cart racing in Skyward Sword! What more could you want?
photo courtesy of capsule computers

About two months ago I took an accidental and involuntary hiatus from my Skyward Sword file. I started some new games, did an overhaul on my blog, found some new projects to work on and, well... Zelda fell by the wayside. This has been regretful.

Zelda titles are among the few games that I see through to completion (although I'm still chipping away at A Link to the Past, that game really pushes my buttons. The angry ones.), but very rarely do I play them straight through. I tackle a few levels here, a couple of ten hour gaming sessions there, and eventually I tire of not knowing the end of the story. When this happens I sit down and play until the end credits roll, no matter how frustrating or difficult the game becomes.

I just entered Lanayru Desert (obviously I've hardly even scratched the surface of the game) and it has been like pulling teeth just to get that far. Skyward Sword is actually difficult. I've received the 'Game Over' screen a few times already (shameful) and have fallen to my death in lava more often than I'd care to admit. The enemies are actually tough, which I know I've talked about before.

This is the first Wii game that I've played where I make sure to put on (and tighten!) the wrist strap. Once I encounter the Moblins and Deku Babas and Lizalfoses (Lizalfosi?) I begin to swing like mad, desperately jabbing and slashing to attack where they aren't defended. The enemies are smart, armored, and tactical.

That monstrous stone arm will thwart all attacks, and that morning star tail 
will steal all of your hearts. photo courtesy of Neoseeker

It is maddening.

Part of me wishes I had the strategy guide, I love strategy guides, but I'm also enjoying discovering things for myself. Usually the simplest things fly right over my head and the solutions to puzzles continuously evade me. Yet... things have been working so well with Skyward Sword. There's something about this title that makes me want to push through the difficulties and figure things out on my own.

This probably isn't anything new to anyone else. I'm a late bloomer though. I go at my own pace.

We're cool, right? Good.



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