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Saturday, June 5, 2010

When I say 'I Do' I don't want it to be a secret to anybody!

I saw this over at Zelda Informer and I really enjoyed it. It's a little long and not a lot happens, but I thought it was very sweet and I of course enjoyed hearing the Zelda theme song.

My boyfriend is not a huge Zelda fan. He doesn't hate the series but he doesn't play it either. He picked up Twilight Princess while I was playing it just to try but it didn't stick on him. I could never get him to agree to a Zelda-anything wedding I'm sure. Unless maybe he were allowed to dress as Snake?


Now I'm thinking of all the possibilities. I'm going to post some pictures.


Yes please.

Holy shit that is awesome.


No babies please.

Such a cute couple.

Yes yes yes!! Even though it's not Zelda, it is still awesome.


A fabulous touch.

That was fun.

None of these photos belong to me, nor does the video. I found all of the photos on Google from searching, "Legend of Zelda weddings".



Hey! HEY! Listen! I played quite a bit of Twilight Princess! You left and took the Wii! I also almost beat Wind Waker! I would definitely say I'm more into liking them than a "meh" opinion. I take that back. I DO like Zelda! I just don't have a lot of experience with them.

A Snake/Princess Zelda wedding would be quite the uproar for the gaming community! Sacrilege!

!! How could I forget that you almost beat Wind Waker?! I apologize.

I now have written proof that you like Zelda though, so that's nice :3

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