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Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is still on my mind.

I received a lot of great feedback that challenged my viewpoints after I posted that blog about people calling themselves geeks who aren't geeks in my eyes. I keep thinking about it all and mulling it over in my mind, I guess I want to say something else?

If you really are a geek then hurrah! Call yourself what you will. Validation does not come from another person it comes from within. If someone really thinks that they are a geek then it doesn't matter if I think they are or not. There are basic definitions and there are interpreted and created ones. I don't want it to bother me. If someone thinks it's silly and embarrassing that they have one tiny geeky thing that pops up from time to time and they say so then why does it matter to me? I suppose it doesn't!

My friend presented a viewpoint that perhaps those individuals make it seem that being geeky or enjoying geeky things is something to hide or be ashamed of and maybe that's the basis of my irritation? I believe this is a fair statement. With my newfound interest in grabbing my identity by the balls I believe I went overboard with self-righteousness (came out of left field after having a self-proclaimed crisis) and I want to apologize.

I have many geeky hobbies and I would definitely call myself a geek. If you're reading this you are probably a geek too. Welcome! I'd love for you to stay a while.

I feel better. I really like Felicia Day, by the way. We should be friends.



Then you should find Felicia Day on FB and friend her!

Mo, I just got finished reading all your back entries here....have I told you lately you're awesome and I love you?
Cause you are, and it's true.

I agree with you on your 'to geek or not to geek' entry. I too get annoyed when people are totally normal chalk up stupid behavior of theirs to being "nerdy" or whatnot.
At the same time, while I identify myself as a geek in a handful of realms, I'm sure there are those out there that would not lump me in that category, and that's fine too, I guess. To each their own, right?

But as far as I'm concerned, geeks of the world unite!

Your blog rocks, sista! <3

Thanks Kirstin :D to each their own is right I suppose, most people have very different viewpoints of what it means to be a geek! I've come to a place now where it doesn't quite bother me anymore and that is good. I don't want to be all judgemental and snooty, although I can't help my gut reaction hehe

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