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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Burning.

But in a Crusade sort of way.

I was able to install the expansion this evening after a ridiculously long amount of waiting and an absolutely absurd amount of patch updates. I think it went through nine or ten. TEN! I was growing steadily impatient.

My friend and I are finally taking advantage of our linked accounts. Ever since I've started playing he has been... *ahem* absent. I guess he's been busy with "work" or something, but at this point I'm tired of his excuses! He followed through on his promise to play with me tonight if I bought BC. This is one reason the install was stressing me out! He has important crap to take care of tomorrow and he could only be on for an hour.

I suppose I underestimated just how beneficial having linked accounts is. In the span of barely an hour we reached level nine. Nine! It felt good.

I love being a Blood Elf, by the way. They are so awesome and truly do live in a breathtaking magical city.  James and I were on TeamSpeak (love it) and when we ran off toward our first quest I completely spaced on how to attack! Apparently I'm already quite accustomed to my Mage and her magic, so I just stared at the icons trying to figure out which one attacked. I'm happy to report that I did eventually figure it out and I am Arcaning and Bowing mobs like a real pro/newbie Hunter.

This is just to talk about how much I'm enjoying BC so far and how awesome WoW is when playing with a friend on TeamSpeak! Here are some screen shots.

There's my new character Nystina. I'm bad coming up with names.

What a hottie though, m I rite?

James and me teaming up at last!

An impressive building.

My Hunter, tired after a day of hunting, sitting and relaxing at the Inn.

I hope you enjoyed.



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