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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Just give me like 15 minutes"

Tonight I went to an animation festival downtown Olympia. There were a lot of neat animated shorts to be seen, but my favorite was one that played near the end. Through almost the whole short all I could think about was writing about it here.

The name of the short is called, "These pancakes are tiny". On a whole it was extremely funny and I really liked the look of it. I'm going to post it here because I want everyone to watch it!

Mostly what I wanted to talk about is a discrepancy of sorts! I'm positive that the guy is holding an NES controller but he's playing A Link to the Past, which is on the SNES! That's the wrong controller, noooooo D:

All of that aside, the short is hilarious and really well done. I got so excited when I heard the dungeon music though and then I noticed the controller and went, "That's not right!"



lawl, yeah that's the first thing I noticed.

Hate to double post but Master Watson did yesterday so... Did you check out dudes website? Wicked sick Zelda Remix on there!

Double post all you want Andrew!

I did check out his website but I didn't look at any of the videos. I only went there to try and find this video (I ended up grabbing it from YouTube though). I'll have to go check some things out :D

Glad you two enjoyed it!

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