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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some new things.

I decided that for my trip to Ireland I would need a durable, large capacity, small in physical size travel hard drive. I will be taking a lot of pictures everyday and those need to be stored safely and securely. It would be horrendous if I lost the files because of an external drive that weren't fit for travel. I just purchased a 1TB WesternDigital My Passport SE for Mac. It'll double as additional backup for my regular external hard drive just in case that one breaks. Hard drives make me nervous.

This thing is super tiny and only needs a USB cable. I'll be able to put all sorts of stuff on it! I should construct a padded case for it just in case. I wonder if it'll be OK going through the x-ray machines at the airport? Laptops go through and they're always OK. Hmm. I should look into it. I don't want to put my external drive with my checked bag just in case the airline loses it. That'd be awful.

There's my new hard drive, working hard. You can see the excellent software that comes with it, as well as my secondary monitor!

In other exciting news, I bought the Burning Crusade expansion pack today. I received a text from my friend that said I should get it and we'll make Blood Elves and play through the game together so we can get our temporary bonus exp for having linked accounts. I'm pretty excited about this.

Looking forward to making my Blood Elf Hunter! I'm not really diggin' on my Mage. I don't think I have what it takes to play her. I can't handle being that squishy. Leather armor here I come!



When do you leave for your amazing UK adventure and how long will you be there, Mo?
I am so excited for you, it will be totally incredible, I'm sure!

Oh, and you're making me miss WoW a whole lot lately. If my computer can handle it when it comes home from the laptop doctor in France, we might have to have a reunion of sorts, me and the WoW that is. Hmmmm.

:D I'm having so much fun with WoW. If you start to play again I'm on Zangarmarsh on the Horde side! Just in case you wanted to play with me!

I depart for Ireland on July 7th! I'll be returning on September 18th, leaving from Edinburgh! I can't wait :D I plan to use my PhotoLife blog as a daily journal accompanied by a few photos a day, large photo dumps after I get back.

Your hard drive will be fine through the x-ray, don't worry. :P

I wish I could play WoW with you! I think I would have a lot more fun if I were playing with somebody else. Alas, alas...

Thanks for the reassurance! I appreciate it :D

If you get to a point where you can play just let me know! I envision myself playing for a while, I guess we'll see what happens! It is definitely more fun with a friend or two.

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