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Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm putting out a wanted ad.

24 year old soon-to-be college graduate with very little D&D experience looking for a group to play with. In my last campaign we never managed to get very far and I made a lot of amateur mistakes. I'm looking to improve and play on a regular basis! Skype play is fine with me; I firmly believe I won't find any players in my immediate area. I'll be out of the country for the summer but once I return I want to start playing again. I've only ever played 3.5. I have my own Players Handbook and some fabulous brushed steel dice. They yearn to be rolled.

Any takers?



This....this is a wanted ad.

Hi, I'm responding to your LFG. I am a tall dreamy DM who likes long walks on the beach. My party is in need of a clumsy healer but we only play 3.5, so if you don't play 3.5 please eat your shoes. It would also be good if you have a dreamy boyfriend who can shred some zelda riffs on his electric guitar in the background, or play some sort of dwarvish barbarian. But seriously, I'll PM you.

Andrew your response makes me so happy. Please do PM me. I want to make something work!

Guess I'll have to learn some Zelda!

Oh goodness please do!

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