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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's not safe to go alone.

Yesterday around 1 or so in the morning I finally got my mage to level 20. It was an exciting moment for me. And then I was told by a fellow guild member that I had to go back to my starting area, Sen'jin Village, in order to get my mount. I didn't have any flight paths back to that side of the continent! So I logged off and went to bed. I was too tired to wander my slow ass all the way back over there.

I hopped back on later in the day, after some much needed rest, and started my trek to Sen'jin. I arrived without incident and went straight for the mounts. So many colors to choose from! Here's my beauty:

60% faster movement! It has made travel much more bearable. After saddling up I decided that I would check with the Alchemist, Herbalist and Mage trainers to see if there was anything new to learn. To my intense excitement I had a lot waiting for me!

Professional! Me, a professional! What a proud moment. I can brew so many potions now.

I am simply exploding with knowledge! The only downside to all of this is that I have all these new attacks and heals and other things and I have to learn how to use them. I had my action bar laid out in a way that I was comfortable with but I had to completely rearrange it to make room for all the new and better actions. There were a few bad run-ins with enemies and me frantically hitting the number keys because I couldn't remember which pictures did what. That was fun.

So, dungeons. Don't go alone. It's not safe.

Sadly, I lack a screen shot of my first time in a dungeon so I will have to paint a mental picture.

I have two or three dungeon quests that need to be tended to and as I have raised in level they have "gone down" in difficulty visually: from red to orange to yellow to green. I thought to myself, "Oh green so they're easy now" Wrong wrong wrong! Fortunately, our hero did not parish as a result of my ignorance.

I swaggered into Ragefire Chasm feeling cocky at almost level 21. Looking into the dark red cave I spied level 14 snake things. Targeting the one closest to me I lined up my attacks: arcane fire fire arcane ice instant fire. The creature had suffered less than half of its total HP worth of damage. Apparently enemies in dungeons are stronger/more powerful than those wandering in the wild. That was an unpleasant discovery. I took down about 6 more enemies before deciding to call it quits. After each kill I had to sit and drink water and eat food to replenish myself. It was taking far too long. I've learned my lesson; Dungeons: It's not safe to go alone, take friends.



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I tried to make you a sword out of the keyboard figures. Stupid comment box keeps cutting off one end of it. I've given up. Apparently, spaces before figures don't count for shit. I can recreate it for you if you like at a time of your choosing. I'm disappointed 'cuz you can't see it now and for the time I've wasted. It went through two revisions.

You're adorable and I appreciate the effort :)

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